I am really excited by how film can inform choreography, with its potential for non-linear performance, special effects, and multiple angles and locations.

There Is No Reason For This To Be Where It Is

Choreographer and writer

Created in response to Neon Dance's PuzzleCreature, this video explores the effect of architectural space on our psyche. Using a mix of original writing, quotations from my own dairies, and phrases from Arakawa and Madeline Gins' essays and audio recordings, the piece builds motifs around the idea that architecture could create eternal life, a reversible destiny. The choreography was largely inspired by the physical structures in which it was filmed, as well exploring the space of screen itself.

Peculiar by Libby Tidley

Choreographer, dancer

Inspired by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, this song tells the story of feeling outcast and the journey to empowerment. The dance style is contemporary, working to find unusual movements and body positions to draw out the themes of peculiarity. 

Filming and Production - Emi Salida and Adrien Dauphinais

Directed and Edited - Libby Tidley

Colour Corrected - Conor J Riley

Love is Just a Lie by Libby Tidley

Choreographer and lead dancer

Telling the story of heartbreak and betrayal, this 360 video explores the love triangle's emotions with contemporary dance, acrobatics, and Frantic Assembly inspired physical theatre.

Starring - Izzy Inkpen, Ed Wing, Susana Colinas Fischer  Director - Patrick Gleeson

Producer - Oliver Woodward

Director of Photography - Germán Talavera Lombarte

Editor - Jake Aspey 

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