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Cultural Connector 2020

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Created for Neon Dance
Cultural Connectors programme 2020


A compilation of interviews exploring the relationship between art and activism, the parallels between disability rights and environmentalism, and the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews conducted 15 - 27th June; all views and information correct as of that time. With thanks to the interviewees
(in order of appearance)

Iona MacPherson - @thisisiona_

Tolmeia Gregory - @tolmeia 

Polly Creed -

Liam O’Dell -

Sharlene Gandhi - @sharlene_gandhi

Ellen Jones -

Katie Pennick - @katiepennick

Samia Dumbuya -

And with thanks to the following artists and activists for answering my questions for additional context when creating the piece: 

Susana Colinas Fischer
Daniel Jones -

Lauren Lethbridge
Eva Marin i Lluset -

Francisca Rockey -