For beginners


I can teach you to strengthen your breath control, increase your range, improve your tuning, and more!

"their teaching was so gentle and encouraging... Izzy will definitely be my first port of call for future singing lessons"

- Maz

"they have an infectious love for singing and their guidance was clear and easy to follow even over video chat"
- Emily

Lessons delivered over video call.

How does it work?

I recommend a minimum of 3 lessons to cover basic techniques, with an optional 4th to work on a particular song. The first lesson is always on breath control, then I'll suggest areas for the next two based on what I've heard and what you would like to improve.

You will receive information sheets with the key exercises from each lesson so you can practise at home.

How much does it cost?

I want more people to have confidence singing, so I offer these lessons on a pay-what-you-can basis.

I recommend a rate of £10-35 per lesson. Pay whatever you feel you can afford; this is welcome to change each lesson.

Stuck for gift ideas? Buy a friend a trial lesson for £15!

Who are the lessons for?

Perhaps you're a musician who wants better technique or you just fancy hitting those high notes during (shower) karaoke... I teach absolute beginners to people with some experience in tuition.

If you've had extensive tuition I doubt I can offer much on what you already know, but get in touch if you would like to discuss a refresher course.

Singing tuition is also great for anyone who needs to project their voice, for example actors, speakers, or protesters...

Are you qualified to teach?

I had professional singing lessons for 6 years, busked for many years, and have sung in multiple advanced choirs and small A Capella groups. I achieved distinction at grade 8 ABRSM (the highest grade before a diploma), so I have both the qualified technical know-how and a great deal of experience.

However, I have not been taught how to teach, which is why I won't claim I am a professional teacher, nor charge the fees of one. My goal is to provide casual, affordable tuition for beginners. Here's what my past pupils have said:

"When I first went to Izzy for singing lessons, I hated my singing voice. But their teaching was so gentle and encouraging that it helped me find my confidence. In 3 lessons I went from being convinced I couldn't hold a tune, to a beginners grasp of range and intervals. The exercises were a good mix of straightforward and challenging which helped to stretch my limits in a really approachable way. Whenever I need singing lessons in future, Izzy will definitely be my first port of call."

- Maz, Feb 2020

"I had three singing lessons from Izzy to teach me the basics of breath work, tuning, head and chest voice and extending my range. They were very good at making me feel comfortable, able to work around issues like the fact I was recovering from a cough at the first session. The sessions themselves were well planned and they gave clear instructions in a way that made it easy for me to understand what they were explaining. They also made the lessons fun and gave me a lot of exercises to take home so that I can continue practising. They know what they are talking about and that really shows."

- Róisín, Feb 2020

'I got in touch with Izzy as I'd fallen out of the habit of singing, lost some confidence, and wanted to know how to improve the strength of my voice. Izzy went through a wide range of exercises in every session, explaining what I should feel and where. They're friendly and patient, they have an infectious love for singing (and for KT Tunstall), and their guidance was clear and easy to follow even over video chat. Each session has been a happy little oasis in my week! I also really appreciated the specific advice they gave me on singing with a guitar, as I'd put up a lot of mental roadblocks around it which I feel like I now have the tools to tackle. I'm generally going away from our sessions feeling reinvigorated about singing, with new resources to take forwards and lots of new ideas to try.'

- Emily, July 2020

How do I sign up?!

Get in touch by emailing me at Let me know what days/times you are available and what you would like to focus on.