A Home Truth

Video Exhibition

Homeward Festival, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, Nov 2019

Homegrown Festival, Battersea Arts Centre, Mar-Apr 2020
*cancelled due to COVID-19*


We are facing the sixth mass extinction by human-induced climate and ecological breakdown. If we are to continue calling this planet our home we need to treat it like we would our own house - keep it clean, treat it with care, and plan for its future. 


A Home Truth is an exhibition that raises awareness of the urgency of the situation, as well as giving ideas for what actions you could take to make a real difference beyond individual lifestyle changes. The exhibition has been produced with sustainability in mind, so all of the digital photo frames used are second hand.

Created by East London Dance's Future Innovators (The Fi.ELD) with graphics by Dave Ferner and Cal Weir.

Please share the videos so they reach as many people as possible!


If you have an event where you would like to display A Home Truth, please get in touch - all display equipment provided.