Run Softly 2018

Open book with pages flipping, London in backgrond

Photo by Isha Shah

“Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song”

The river flows through London literary history as it flows through the city’s life. Run Softly is an outdoor promenade of spoken word pieces inspired by the works of writers who in turn were inspired by the Thames. Take a trip down the river’s literary history, starting at the source with Old English poetry, all the way to the vast ocean of contemporary literature.


The piece visits canonical classics such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, and Eliot, but also works to uncover writers whose voices have been marginalised, the people who have often been forgotten throughout history.

Witness how human habitation over time has shaped the city’s water landscape, as you listen to all of the Thames’ songs whilst on its very banks. Hear how writers become increasingly aware of our polluting effect on our river.



“its one of a kind and a must see” - @willpriddis

“You can really see the amount of creative spirit and thought that was put into this show!” - @RecklssSerenade

 “Excellent; making the familiar new” – feedback card

“Really thoughtful, social, democratic, stimulating” – feedback card

“in einer anderen Zeit versetz [puts you in another time]"– feedback card

On the feedback cards, no rating was below 8/10, with eleven people giving it 10/10!


Read about how Run Softly was made:

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30th Sep 2018

Part of Totally Thames 2018 that ran from 1-30 September