#Stuffilove week round up

Over the course of the last week, I’ve been sharing other artists’ work on Twitter and my Facebook page as a show of gratitude for all the support I have received for Run Softly. Thanks to people’s recommendations of their own work or their friends’, as well as my own searching, it’s been really wonderful to come across art I might not have found otherwise. Here is my round up of my favourite works:


Machine Song from JamieDoesThings (@jamiedoesthings)

A video (ironically) exploring our relationship to technology and the nostalgia for how it changes. It’s short but packs a punch. With an refreshing perspective on millennial technology, it made me rethink how I interact with screens. The presentation is super creative and so well-crafted too.


Rae Fook’s poetry Instagram (@raefooks)

There's so much imagery in every one of Rae’s poems that you are taken on a wild and haphazard journey. Their poetry feels crammed to the brim, as it explodes in a relentless vibrancy. Here’s an extract from one of my particular favourites, ‘inside of the moon’:

tits are talking, water-walking stalking dawnish flits and flames warming pork, roasting rock burning toast in shadow stock

Settling by Zoe Wood (@zoewood98)

Zoe’s poem about social media, the abundance of content, and our self-destructive tendencies has a rhythm and imagery that observantly captures something I think all internet users have experienced. Her performance is simple but direct, so that the words have the space to hit you full force.


Babunia by Kitty Wenham (@kittywenham)

A short story documenting the everyday bravery of four women across generations, exploring war, death, hardship, immigration, and joy. With snapshots of the women’s lives, the piece builds an entire world. Though Kitty perhaps tries to pack in a bit too much, so the piece loses focus a little, this means you can see the wealth of her imagination, and despite its serious subject matter doesn’t resort to preaching.

It’s four o’clock in the morning and Agnieszka is cold. She is the coldest she has ever been. There is no fire in the small wooden lodge, so she warms herself on the memory of the roaring hearth of her childhood home.

Dreamer (EP) by Melanie Baker (@melaniebaker)

Melanie is a talented songwriter, and her new EP shows she only continues to improve. This music is beautiful - and by that I don't mean "very good", but literally, actually beautiful. I can't get enough of 'False Fantasies', as it really made me stop and listen when I first heard it. 'Dreamer' also hit me hard deep down, with an emotional pang in the chest. Though the EP doesn’t have as much variety as her previous, it does form an artfully cohesive whole.


#Inktober special!

On the last day I shared a bunch of artists doing inktober, where they create a drawing each day in response to a prompt (or not, if they don't fancy it!). See the thread on twitter.


BONUS PIECE! The Future is Weird and So Are We by Georgie (@georgiesucks)

Here is something I didn’t get a chance to share: this song from Georgie is heartfelt and touching. Their voice is smooth and sweet, simply lovely to listen to, and takes you through the narrative of the song.

Listen on Spotify or on YouTube


That’s it for this round up, but it certainly doesn’t herald the end of me sharing people’s works! I love seeing the full variety of what the thriving small creative community is doing, and supporting them when I think it’s really worthwhile. I will always share recommendations honestly, so if you’re interested in seeing that, follow me on social media to see stuff I’m loving.

Thank you to everyone who shared creations with me and, of course, creating such wonderful work!

To see all of the pieces I shared this week, go to my twitter and search for #stuffilove